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What’s the best online story estimation tool you ask? Well, Story Estimate sounds like one of the best options out there. Sure, I may be a little biased, since I wrote it, but still, it’s pretty good.

Nonetheless, I’ll pretend to be impartial and give a “fair” overview of several options.

  • Story Estimate – in the name of “fairness”, starting with the best tool out there. It is free, presents a modern UI, has no known vulnerabilities. It allows to use multiple estimation techniques (planning poker, T-shirt sizes…), including custom ones (specify whatever you want for your votes). Simple to use. Best of all, it is written by me. What not to like?
  • Pointing Poker – a little outdated UI, but a pretty nice tool, also free. Unfortunately, it is open to JavaScript injection. Which, in a way, can be thought of as a feature (you can inject some fun JavaScript scripts), as long as you can trust your teammates not to inject any harmful scripts.
  • Planning Poker – the original planning poker. Free tier is limited (up to 5 players), paid version has some nice integrations with other tools (JIRA, TFS…). It’s a little more complicated, takes a little longer to setup, requires a user account.
  • PlanITPoker – Doesn’t require an account, although you can create one. Not served over https – frankly, unforgivable in the age of services like CloudFlare and Let’s Encrypt, which can generate a free SSL certificates for your. But not bad in terms of functionality. Also, a little more involved to setup.
  • Firepoker – Another free and open source tool. Extra points for being open source on GitHub. It’s a little limited in terms of the points you can select (offers two presets – powers of 2 and a slightly modified Fibonacci sequence). Also open to JavaScript injection, and is not served over https.
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