Country Blocking with Rails and Cloudflare

Enable IP Geolocation in your Cloudflare panel – it should be in the Network tab.

The country code will come in HTTP_CF_IPCOUNTRY header.

Now we can add a before_action filter to block or redirect the users from a specific country (in the example below we redirect all EU countries… because who has the time to figure out GDPR):

class ApplicationController < ActionController::Base
  before_action :block_gdpr_countries

    'BE', 'EL', 'LT', 'PT',
    'BG', 'ES', 'LU', 'RO',
    'CZ', 'FR', 'HU', 'SI',
    'DK', 'HR', 'MT', 'SK',
    'DE', 'IT', 'NL', 'FI',
    'EE', 'CY', 'AT', 'SE',
    'IE', 'LV', 'PL', 'UK'

  def block_gdpr_countries
    return unless GDPR_COUNTRIES.include?(request.env['HTTP_CF_IPCOUNTRY'])
    redirect_to gdpr_path

Remember to skip this action in the corresponding controller (in our case gdpr_controller) if you use a redirect:

skip_before_action :block_gdpr_countries

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