Hosting SignalR on GoDaddy in Full Trust

I had some free time recently and decided to learn a truly wonderful library SignalR. SignalR provides the “ability to have your server-side code push content to the connected clients as it happens, in real-time.” It eliminates the extra work of checking browser compatibility with whatever technology you decide to use for pushing the events to the client (WebSockets, EventSource, Long Polling, Forever Frame).

I implemented a simple Chat application using tutorial from Tim Teebken. It worked beautifully on local machine. However, when deployed to GoDaddy my application went down with System.Security.SecurityException. As it turns out, SignalR can run only in Full Trust mode. What I didn’t realize is that to enable full trust you have to explicitly specify Trust Level in Web.Config:

        <trust level="Full" />

Once this line was added to the configuration and deployed, my simple Chat client started working.

4 responses on “Hosting SignalR on GoDaddy in Full Trust

    1. Aron Boyette

      Awesome! I had tried SignalR on my GoDaddy account and it killed the App Pool. Setting definitely solved it! I’ve learned that this is a good idea on any GoDaddy site. Without it, stuff just may not work. Do it from the beginning and save lots of time searching for fixes.

  1. Adam Z Post author

    Sorry, NP, don’t really know what issues you’re experiencing. This is the only issue I had with GoDaddy and SingalR.

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