Setting up Elixir with Atom on Linux

Sublime is a pretty nice editor for working with Elixir, but I just can’t get the autocomplete plugin to work. So, giving Atom a try.

Install the following packages:

atom-elixir –
language-elixir –
linter (apm install linter) –
linter-elixirc –
script –

I use script to build within Atom (shift-ctrl-b). The only issue is that it seems to use the top-level folder of your project as a base path. So, if you try to do something like Code.load_file(“file.exs”) in one of your nested directories, it’ll try to load it from the top level directory.

Addendum for Mac
brew install elixir
brew install erlang

Set elixir path for autocomplete-elixir (if using Atom):

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